We have created a series of answers and help notes on Frequently asked Questions about the products we supply to our customers. These are help pages for you to browse. If you are unable to find the answers you are  looking for, check our downloads page or contact the office for more help.


FAQ’s : What’s the best way to identify a grass species and which species are the best ones to use?


FAQ’s: Sowing and maintenance of lawns and grass areas?


FAQ’s : Wild Flowers


FAQ’s : Do’s and Don’ts – Wetland Plants


FAQ’s : What are the different types of landscaping, how is seeding used and what do I need to know about soil types?


FAQ’s : Seeding and maintaining a sports area


FAQ’s : Seed mixtures equestrian use, livestock grazing and pastures


FAQ’s: Which seed mixtures to choose for:

  • Airports?
  • Reclamation Land?
  • Wetlands?
  • Coastal Areas?
  • Woodlands?


 FAQ’s: Planting and maintenance of bare root  trees


More information is available here as downloads.