Advice About Native British Wetland Plants

Advice About Wetland Plants

Why Buy Native British Wetland Plants?

The logistical problems in transporting wetland plants over long time periods or on overseas journeys can severely affect the plants on arrival.  Wetland plants have a very short window for being enclosed during transportation, especially in warm conditions. The light and moisture deprivation experienced as the plants are transported affects the condition of the plants on arrival at the destination.  The problem is very difficult to overcome. For this reason it is best to source your wetland plants from a British supplier. Native  wetland plants will be aclimatised to our weather conditions  – having been grown outdoors and so they will be hardy.


Advice concerning how to improve the condition of the plants on arrival consists of:

In warm conditions – if the plants are in a tray:

  1. Opening the box to allow light in
  2.  Immediate watering

If they look “unwell” they should perk up after a good watering and some light. If they fail to revive after a  few days –  contact your supplier.


Bare root plants:

These should be placed into water immediately

In cold conditions – below 7 degrees soil temperature – most plants will be dormant and will need to be unpacked only. They may look a bit tired, but this is normal during cold or winter conditions.


Aquatic Plants – Weighted bunches:

These can be thrown into the water – spaced out for the best effect.


If you need any more information then we have created a series of help pages and guides.

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