Wildflower Plug Plants for Creating a Wildflower Lawn or Meadow

Making a Wildflower Lawn:

Smaller areas of existing grassland can be turned into a wildflower lawn or meadow by planting a range of wildflower plug plants. Instead of purchasing wildflower turf, this is an interesting way to create your own wildflower lawn. The results can be spectacular and have the benefits of  making interesting areas for pollinators to visit. Year on year you can experiment with different wildflowers to create a diverse habitat for wildlife to thrive plus enjoy all the benefits of having wildflowers in your garden or in communal areas, public spaces etc. Costs are considerably less than replacing your lawn with wildflower turf.




The rate of planting is usually 5 plug plants per m2. Ensure that the grass varieties are suitable  – see our guide for sowing seed into existing grassland.

Choose from a range of wildflower plug plants available by contacting the sales office for advice. List available on our website: Wildflower Species Guide


If you need any more information then we have created a series of help pages and guides.

Alternatively, you can contact us here.