Sowing a New Lawn from Scratch

Sowing a New Lawn – The advantages to sowing a lawn.


Successful Seeding A New Lawn

It is very satisfying to grow the lawn yourself and excellent results can be obtained very quickly in the growing season or with careful watering. you may want to create an ornamental lawn or a lawn best suited to your needs.

If you decide to seed a new lawn you can follow the advice on the page link above on how to start a new lawn from scratch. The instructions include how to prepare the ground before sowing, applying a pre-seed fertiliser, which of Phoenix Amenity Supplies seed mixtures best suits the area to be grassed, when to sow, mow and water the grass to encourage the lawn to develop and maintenance advice too -including over seeding bare patches. It is not really that difficult, if you follow the advice and great results can be achieved.


What about using turf? Isn’t that the easier option and gives quick results too?

Most lawn turf is grown for ideal conditions and not necessarily to suit the conditions of your new lawn, therefore some areas of the turf or even all of it may not be suited to your ground conditions or other influences. These include tree or other types of shade, drought areas,  exposure to strong winds, strong and pro-longed sunlight. There are a range of different soil types to consider including: salt along coastal areas, sandy soil, calcareous soil or wet soil with very poor drainage.

There is also the cost and labour to consider including delivery of rolls of turf which have to be carried into place, laid, flattened etc. You can pay for the the labour of laying the turf rather than doing it yourself which adds to the cost. You still have to water the turf in dry conditions and you may have to overseed the area if bare patches arise afterwards. The turf may not be best suited to what you need and it can be a very costly mistake if you get it wrong. Seeding can be repeated at very little cost if your lawn doesn’t take straight away and the end results will be more of an achievement! A little bit of time, care and patience can give great rewards.


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