Problems with Grass Areas

Problems with Grass, Lawns & Grasslands:

There can be a number of problems with grass areas, some of which can be rectified easily others require more complex actions or specific treatments.


The common easier ones to rectify without chemical treatments or expert knowledge are:

  • Bare patches due to compaction and wear
  • Bare patches in shade areas, under trees
  • Problems due to prolonged dryness or drought
  • Occasionally waterlogged areas


Other problems may require chemical treatments or specialist attention.

Some easy to use chemical treatments are:

  • Moss killers
  • Weed and Feed Treatments


Other more complex problems can take several treatments and some specialist knowledge, a common recent problem is:

  • Leatherjackets (crane-fly lavae)


If you need any more information then we have created a series of help pages and guides.

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