Overseeding Sports Field – Winter Pitches

Phoenix Amenity winter sports renovation seed mixtures are suitable for over seeding most worn sports fields and cricket outfields. The seed mixture is designed to  establish quickly and will leave a dense hard wearing sward that will recover well after play.

There are several mixtures to choose from depending on price and quality. Our Premier Winter Sports mixture is very popular with local authorities and those that require a balance of quality and value in the same mix.

Other Sports Renovation Mixtures – Choose from our Range of Sports Seed Mixtures:



At the end of the winter sports season, there may be as little as eight weeks to get pitches renovated and back into tip‐top condition for the autumn fixtures. Key to the success of the renovation is not wasting time; make sure that you have seed and top dressing in stock.


Seeding Tips:

Winter Sports Renovation Mix/ Summer Sports Mix/ Cricket Outfield Mix

For renovating pitches – a renovation programme should definitely include overseeding. For a stretched budget – overseed the most worn areas. For more information on how to overseed  – refer to: Overseeding a lawn, grassed area.

For winter overseeding sports fields – If there has been a dry spring, further restricting water encourages the seedlings to root down through the surface in search of moisture and nutrients. An early fertiliser e.g. Phoenix Outfield No. 3 – application can get seeds off to a good start – this ensures effective nutrient uptake and thus strong establishment.

Whatever the financial constraints, a cut in seed rates is really just wasting money, far better to assess the pitch areas that really need overseeding and treat them with 20‐25g/sqm of seed for stronger establishment and more value for money.


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