Perennial Seeds for a Wildflower Meadow

About Perennial Seeds for Starting a Wildflower Meadow:

The word meadow is usually associated with the type of grassland incorporating wildflowers which we associate with the attractive examples of ancient flowery meadows.

In areas of poor soil because the grasses compete less with the wildflowers in nutrient deficient soil, it is usually more productive to sow perennial seeds to create a wildflower meadow in order to re-create this idea of an ancient wildflower meadow.


Which perennial seed mix should I use?

To create a wildflower meadow try Phoenix Amenity PFS9 Country Meadow Wildflower Seed Mix 

If you are trying to create an old English meadow then this perennial mix will establish itself and come to full maturity over a 2 – 3 year period. This is a simple yet visually pleasing wildflower meadow seed mixture containing the more common native wildflower species along with (non-competitive) companion grasses.


Site Specific Wildflower seed mixtures:

If you require a more site specific wildflower seed mixture, look at the full range of seed mixtures available from Phoenix Amenity: wildflower seed mixtures. Those that are a mixture of wildflowers and grasses all contain perennial seeds.


Should I include annuals in the first year of establishment?

It is common for other suppliers to offer meadow seed mixtures which contain annuals along with perennial seeds, this is because the annuals create a more colourful display which is more appealing to buyers. However it is advisable to introduce annuals in year 2 once the perennials and grasses have become established to have a better chance of creating that colourful effect. If you want a mix of annuals and perennial seeds then Phoenix Amenity Bumblebee Wildflower Seed Mixture is a 100% wildflower seed mixture of annuals and perennials which can be purchased with grasses.


Choosing seed – should I buy native UK only?

If you are sowing a meadow into your own land and not near to other open land areas, you can introduce non-native species. It is usually recommended to buy UK native wildflower seed however, as it can give the best effects. Phoenix Amenity as a responsible seed merchant supplies mixtures of wildflowers and grasses suitable for various soil types and situations. Choose one that suits your local conditions.

Warning: it is also not advisable to take plants from the countryside and in cases of repeated seed collection there would be a likelihood that it would have a destructive effect on many species over time. In some cases it also can be illegal.


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