About Amenity Grass – Meadow Grasses – Species Identification and Suitability Guide

Phoenix Amenity Supplies offers a comprehensive range of amenity grass species and varieties in our specially formulated grass seed mixtures. This Species Identification and Suitability Guide has been created as a support for customers and advisors to help with their choice of species and seed mixtures.


Meadow Grass – Poa

Varieties can be found in the following Phoenix Amenity Seed Mixtures: 


Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass – Poa Pretensis:

  • Description: A perennial meadow grass which forms long underground rhizomes. The undersides of the leaves are shiny, the leaf sheath may be covered with short hairs. Flowers May – June
  • Suitability:  A very hardy grass which is tolerant to wear and drought. More common in sandy soils than clay. Has a liking for phosphate and potassium
  • Height: 15 – 18cm
  • Uses: Pastures and sports and playing fields


Rough Stalked Meadow Grass – Poa Trivialis:

  • Description:  A perennial meadow grass which is hairless and when it flowers it looks very much like the smooth stalked variety but it likes wet soil and has weaker shoots. The underside of the leaf is very shiny. Flowers May to July
  • Suitability & Uses: Can be used in lawns particularly where there is little sunlight and is a good pasture grass. It is very hardy
  • Height: 40-80cm


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