As of 1st February, the products previously marketed under the British Flora trade name will be seamlessly integrated into the Phoenix Amenity product line.

This consolidation is part of our ongoing commitment to improve our service and bring our products under one easily identifiable brand.

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If you are looking for aquatic plants UK or wild plants UK then look no further as Phoenix Amenity Supplies and its brand Phoenix Native Flora, the premier wholesale producer of Native British Wildflower and Aquatic Plants producing commercial quantities of over 300 species.

Phoenix Native Flora offers a complete range of British Native flora with full British provenance that is grown exclusively on a purpose built nursery. We do not import plants in from Holland or elsewhere and we guarantee that all our plants are grown by us. We produce Native Wildflowers, Grasses and Sedges, Marginals & Aquatics including vast quantities of Phragmites communis. We offer our own site specific perennial and Annual native wildflower Seed Mixes developed from our experience of wild flower establishment and habitat creation.

Phoenix Amenity Supplies has always been at the forefront of innovation and research into producing high quality British native plants from seed and vegetative production. We produce commercial quantities of native plants for a diverse range of applications such as remediation, reed beds, wildlife habitat creation and latterly native species green roofs.

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Phoenix Biosecurity

As always at Phoenix Amenity Supplies we only grow British Native plants that are derived from fully known British provenance, either from our own seed bank or from trusted fellow Flora Locale subscribing sources.

We also collect seed and vegetative material with full permissions from various organisations such as the Environmental Agency and Local Authorities. We pride ourselves on our commitment to enhance our environment and preserve our indigenous flora for generations to come, be it by remediation, habitat creation or native species green roofs.

Phoenix Amenity Supplies adheres to the Flora Locale code of conduct for the supply of Native Flora and is a listed supplier of Native Flora on the Flora Locale website. Our stock is guaranteed to be free of pernicious plant propagules such as Crassula helmsii, Azzolla and Elodea. We sign up to the Be Plant Wise Campaign to raise awareness and prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species into the wild.

In 2012 Phoenix Amenity Supplies completed its own in- house environmental policy by switching to PEAT FREE COMPOST for all our sowing and transplanting. We have researched and trialled the makeup of our new compost alongside Alfa Aggregates and now have a formulation that gives consistent germination, controlled growth and is importantly, environmentally friendly. Our compost contains a starter charge fertiliser that ensures a controlled release of nutrients to ensure rapid establishment be they plugs or more mature plants.

Our Technical team are happy to help with enquiries and provide professional expert advice and have a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of habitat creation and management, planting advice and problem solving for vegetation establishment. Phoenix Amenity Supplies also offer ‘one stop shop’ Consultancy and Landscaping service for habitat creation and native landscaping schemes. Our expertise is well known in the industry and we are consulted by a wide range of clients including engineers, consultants, landscape architects, and statutory consultees such as the Environment Agency.

Our Sales Team are highly dedicated, with strong people skills and are there to make your life easier. Phoenix Amenity Supplies strives to be the best we can be and we believe in the products we sell and why we sell them. We are driven by more than the need to make just profit and that makes us stand out from the crowd.


Phoenix Amenity Supplies is the UK’s premier grower of guaranteed native provenance wild flowers and aquatics through its brand Phoenix Native Flora. Phoenix Amenity Supplies is responsible for growing and supplying up to 5 million plants annually (depending on contracts being undertaken) and would seasonally hold up to 2 million plants in stock at any one time……

Phoenix Native Flora can therefore usually supply most contracts from established stock, Our customers range from private individuals, community groups and garden designers, to landscape contractors and most of the largest civil engineering groups currently operating in the UK.

The Nursery grows plants for every type of habitat: Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, marshes, wetlands, woodlands, meadows, hedgerows, moors, salt marshes, estuaries and coastal fringes. Phoenix Native Flora is a large producer of phragmites australis / communis – Norfolk / thatching reed and will typically hold upwards of 250,000 reeds in stock at any one time.


Within 2 years of its founding in the early 1980’s, Phoenix Amenity Supplies started to supply the wholesale market with wild flowers and aquatics.
It began as a small percentage of out stock sales, however now it makes up probably 98% of our market.

Unlike the majority of other wild flower providers, Phoenix Amenity Supplies grows very large quantities of individual species. Typically our nursery can supply and process a 100,000 wild flower plugs to order within 48 hours …….. We do not believe there is currently any other company in the UK with this type of capability of capacity.

Currently we hold over 2 million plants across 250 species in stock, however if you do not find what you are looking for on our stock sheets then please email us to find out if we are holding some of those more obscure requirements.

We are able to assist you with tenders and planting schedules, just phone, fax, or email us and we will gladly advise you and offer our own recommendations either the same day or within 48 hours. Our experienced staff can always offer you suggestions or alternative specifications which may result in a considerably cost saving.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to call the experts here at Phoenix Amenity Supplies.

Remember we grow plants (plugs to 3L, Plus stock), bulbs, treets (mainly black poplar) and seed for every type of habitat….. Lakes, ponds, wetlands, bog, woodland, meadow, cornfield, heathland, river, estuary and saltmarsh. We also supply plants for reedbeds, green roofs, bioengineering as well as for gardens and country estates.

For landscapers we can assist you with the planting of our stock, either through practical advice or as a direct supply and planding sub-contractor for you, With our wealth of experience at your disposal we can often be a more cost effective option.

Contact the ‘original’ wild flower experts first…… with our vast experience if we can’t help you then your problem probably can’t be solved!

Our skilled and experienced team are here to help you, email, fax or give the office a call; it is as simple as that.

At Phoenix Amenity Supplies we recognise the importance of producing plant and seed stock strictly British Provenance and therefore we have traceability of all our stock to British Provenance and often to county level for all our wild flower species.

Why should we ONLY plant British Provenance?

  • It helps retain the genetic integrity and variation of the British Isles. We experience an oceanic climate in the British Isles and therefore our wild flowers have quite specific adaptations to our climate versus those grown in continental Europe.
  • To safeguard our floral heritage we must maintain our native stock of plant material. european varieties of wild flowers can be completely differen in form and habit from our native wild flowers.
  • Prevent hybridisation/competition from non native stock. For example Spanish Bluebells are out competing our native Bluebells and a hybrid form is also present, providing additionsal competition to our native species.
  • Maintain plant / pollinator interactions – our wild flowers will flower set seed at different times to continental European varieties. The flower form of non native stock can be so different that pollinators do not benefit from the nectar sources. For example, the red clover corolla tube is too deep in non native stock for our native bumble bees to access the nectar sources.
  • Developers, Landscapers and gardeners have a DUTY OF CARE for our environment.
  • British Provenance is specified by statutory consultees and ecologists in planning applications for conservation / habitat creation or development projects.