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Phoenix Amenity Supplies, Phoenix Native Flora & Hydroseeding Supplies are a family run independent supplier of seed, Landscaping Products and Hydroseeding Consumables.

Phoenix Amenity Supplies are suppliers of grass and wildflower seeds – we stock a full range of fertilisers for all amenity and sports field grassed areas, including specialist planting fertilisers and soil conditioners to help your plants establish and survive.

A comprehensive range of herbicides and pesticides to tackle weed control problems, pests and diseases are available including a full range of application equipment.

Phoenix Native Flora stands as the leading supplier of Native British Wildflower & Aquatic Plants and seed,  offering commercial quantities of over 300 species.

As a brand of Phoenix Amenity Supplies, Phoenix Native Flora brings years of expertise and experience. We understand the importance of native flora on the environment.

We offer an extensive array of British Native Flora, all with full British provenance. Unlike importing plants from Holland or elsewhere, we guarantee that all our plants are grown in the UK, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

At Phoenix Native Flora, we take pride in our commitment to preserving the natural heritage of the UK. Our plants are carefully cultivated to support local ecosystems and wildlife, promoting sustainability and biodiversity in every landscape.

Whether you are a landscaper, gardener, or enthusiast, Phoenix Native Flora provides a comprehensive range of native plants to meet your needs.

Alongside Phoenix Amenity Supplies range of fertilisers and soil conditioners, we offer a complete solution for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Explore our collection today and discover the benefits of incorporating native flora into your outdoor spaces.

Hydroseeding Supplies are now proud to be promoting, stocking, distributing and working alongside world manufacturing Hydroseeding product leaders, Profile Products LLC.

Profile Products manufacture the market’s broadest line of erosion and sediment control products, turf establishment products and associated consumables to control erosion and accelerate seed germination.

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