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When is the right time to seed a lawn in the UK?

Lawns are seeded in the Spring all the way through Summer into early Autumn. From the end of March through to October.  Traditionally household gardens are seeded earlier in this cycle. Recreation grounds, sports grounds and public areas might be seeded at any point.

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Watering newly seeded grass

In the UK, the temperate climate and intermittent rainfall throughout the year gives a lot of variables.

Grass seed is best broadcast in fine weather but for the first 2-3 weeks of growth requires that it is constantly watered until it has grown to approximately 5cm. A dispersed watering method is recommended, as strong direct jets of water can push germinating seeds out of position.

Keeping the ground constantly wet and having an air temperature above 10 degrees centigrade is required.

Summer Warming

It’s tempting to plant your lawn as soon as the Spring arrives. However, if you plan, there are some benefits to planting later in the year.

The Summer months will have made the ground temperature a little warmer. Although the air temperature in April is like that in October, the ground temperature, which is important for successful lawns – is almost always higher in October.

Another advantage of seeding late in the year is that most weeds will have finished their germination cycle and can be removed with less fear of them returning. The warm Autumn soil and (generally) wetter Winter weather will give your lawn a chance to develop a strong root system and be ready for the following Spring.

The Growth Cycle of Lawn Weeds

While you may have seen a perfect lawn, sports pitch or recreation area, the stunning green vista you see will be a product of continuous hard work.

Weed seeds exist everywhere and are spread from one area to another constantly by the weather, birds, animals and humans. The seedbed of even the smartest looking lawn will, under the surface, have the potential to spoil your grass.

An even sports pitch, a stunning verdant lawn and a safe recreation area take care and attention, from planting the seeds, caring for their growth, mowing, watering and feeding. Phoenix Amenities have you covered

Lawn, Paddocks and Pasture, Landscaping and Sports Ground Seeds – Click Below