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Bees’ Needs –  A call to action for our pollinators!  – Wildlife Trusts Projects

When British Flora was asked by Victoria Harvey of South Beds Friends of the Earth to donate some more wildflowers as seed last year, we were thrilled to help to keep a project going that we had been involved with from the start. Originally British Flora had donated a range of wildflower plugs for the project at Leighton Buzzard station as part of Keep the Buzz in Leighton Buzzard.  Wonderfully the Keep the Buzz project has continued to progress and to flourish into what it is today.

British Flora is currently featured in a case study on the Bees’ Needs – A call to action for our pollinators which is featured on the Wildlife Trust website.

The Keep the Buzz project is still growing in Leighton Buzzard and the place was voted a bee friendly town in 2014. More projects are underway with encouragement for people in the town to participate in many of them – so there are likely to be a lot more happy bees in Leighton Buzzard in the future!

Download the pdf and see the other case studies – Or go and find out about the Bees’ Needs projects in your area:

South Beds FOE are still looking for volunteers to help keep the grass long by raking up the dead grass to keep the grass healthy and for more areas of grassland to donate to the bees and wildlife. Contact them for more details here.