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GreenStake Biodegradable Stakes. 

GreenStake is 100% biodegradable – these stakes completely break down to carbon dioxide, water, and humus, just like compost. Unlike degradable stakes that contain plastic and do not conform to ASTM D6400, GreenStake Biodegradable Stakes degrade naturally and entirely so there is no need to go back and remove them.  GreenStake is extremely tough and can be used to peg down many materials even into the hardest of grounds, without harming the environment as it is made from natural, renewable materials that are all 100% Biodegradable. 

GreenStakes are used for:

  • Anchor Erosion Control Fabric
  • To pin down sod and mulch mats 
  • Secure landscaping fabrics and netting 

GreenStake 100% Biodegradable stakes are: 

  • Safer than metal staples – for both people and machinery 
  • More effective for over 18 months before it biodegrades completely 
  • GreekStakes 4″ (10cm) stakes have more than 45% holding power than 6″ (15cm) metal staples 
  • 100% Biodegradable so no need to return to site once the job is complete 
  • Complies with ASTM D6400 and EN13432
  • Stakes are very tough and can penetrate even the hardest ground
  • Frequently specified by governments, contractors, engineers, DOT’s and conservation trusts. 


Available Sizes: 
4″ (10cm) in a box of 500
6″ (15cm) in a box of 500


For more information please contact the Technical Sales Team on 01684 212 020 
GreenStake Biodegradable Stakes : Product Information Sheet

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