Smith Performance Field King Pro 15L

£111.00 inc VAT

The Field King Pro is a professional grade 15L capacity knapsack sprayer, suitable for both summer and winter applications.

FLEX-SELECT™ F80S stainless steel broadcast spreader is built on a stainless steel chassis and is ideal for all broadcast spreading jobs. The F80S also has the option of interchangeable trays so that you can customise your machine to the material you are looking to spread.
The FLEX-SELECT™ now inclused a SideSpred-Control™ shut off system that helps to maintain the correct rate of application while the spreader is activated, and as a result, this gives excellent control of spread pattern on the left side of the spreader.


  • Single-Tube“Diamond Design” Commercial Stainless Steel chassis
  • Tee handle gauge& lever rate control with adjustable solid linkage
  • 80#/36kg hopper capacity
  • 13”/33cm diameter stud-type tires on rust-proof poly rims
  • 2-position height adjustable handle for a custom operator fit
  • Gauge& lever rate control with adjustable solid linkage
  • EV-N-SPRED® FLEX-SELECT™ Interchangeable Tray System - fits all 3 trays
  • Optional Standard-Output PRO, High-Output or Low-Output Trays
  • Optional 3-Sided Deflector (#60166R)
  • Optional Left Side Deflector (60435KIT)
  • Optional Rain Cover (F77080)
  • Converts to a towable spreader with an optional kit


The Smith Performance Field King Pro has a 15L capacity and is a professional grade knapsack sprayer, suitable for both summer and winter applications. 
An exclusive high-performance no-leak internal pump system ensures that any chemical that is used will not leak down the users back or onto their clothing. 

Using the innovative paddles within the tank, makes sure that liquid and water soluble powder chemicals are always well mixed and ready for application. It also includes a lockable trigger point to help prevent grip fatigue occurring from holding the trigger for prolonged periods. It also includes easy change seals and a flat spray or foaming nozzle. 

The Field King Pro is made with materials that are resistant to the most commonly used chemicals, this makes sure it offers the longest possible lifespan. 

Field King Pro Features: 

  • No Possibility of external leaks
  • Padded Comfort Straps 
  • Internal Agitator Paddle
  • Internal Piston Pump 
  • Resistant to chemicals for a longer lifespan 
  • Fully Serviceable (replace seals in less than 10 minutes) 
  • Light weight Poly Lance 
  • 15 Litre Capacity Tank
  • Improved mixture consistency even with particularly difficult products like wet powders
  • Withing the 20kg weight limit guidelines when full