Nutrilong V180 29-4-9+ 0.9% MgO + 76% 2-3 mm

£54.06 inc VAT 20kg Bag

2-3mm Granular Fertiliser, available in 20kg bags.

High nitrogen Spring & Summer fertiliser containing readily available nutrients for colour, growth, sward density and plant health. Suitable for pitches, tees, surrounds, fairways, lawns and turf cut to 10mm and above.

Product Description

Nutrilong V180 29-4-9 + 0.9% MgO [76% N from Nutrilong V180] 2-3 mm

Designed to release nutrients carefully over time, the Nutrilong V180 range provides sustained nutrition over a 5-6 month release period. Its nutrient profiles will nourish and maintain turf for optimum health, meaning it can perform to the highest standards whilst keeping a healthy colour.

The long release profile reduces the number of applications needed, which is good news for both the environment and your wallet. The steady release ensures the sward keeps an even colour, without patches of excessive growth or nutrient hunger.

Available in 20kg bags.
Application: March – June.
Granular Size: 2-3mm
Suitable for: grass cut above 10mm for controlled release.