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Product Description

This is a heavy duty mesh which then has a non-woven geotextile attached.

GrassTrack is ideal for creating a temporary surface over grass for wheelchair access or pedestrian use, but can also be used for vehicles such as cars and vans.

GrassTrack is very easy to install, you just lay it directly onto the surface you require with the mesh side up for traffic or it can be placed with the geotextile side up for pedestrian and wheelchair access.

Ideal of events that are held outdoors such as concerts and shows, or alternatively it can be used as indoor flooring for a marquee over a muddy area.
This form of temporary flooring is reuseable and easy to store.GRASS TRACK DOUBLE SIDED 1A040254GRASS TRACK 1A040254

U-Pins (100 Pins)
you wil need approximatly 100 pins per roll.

Mesh Size: 15mm x 15mm
Colour: Green
Weight: 2.6kg per Sq.M
Thickenss: 14mm
Roll Size: 1.9m x 20m