General Purpose Grazing Seed Mixture

£80.07 acre



    From Phoenix Amenity Pony and Paddock Range of Grass Seed Mixtures 

 General Purpose Grazing Seed Mixture 

This seed mixture is suitable for all types of grazing including equine.This is a reliable and well-established combination of grasses to use as a general purpose grazing mix for paddocks and pastures. Suitable for a variety of conditions and soil types, this seed mixture lasts for up to 5 years.

The weight of the mix is 13kg  which is made up by the following mix:-
6.50kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Diploid
3.25kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Tetraploid
2.60kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Diploid
0.65kg White Clover

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Weight 13 kg