Yellow Iris – Iris pseudacorus

Yellow Iris ( Iris pseudacorus),  also known as Yellow Flag Iris, Pale Yellow Iris or the Water Flag is a member of the Iris family and is a protected flower in the provinces of Oulu and Lapland. It can reach a height of 120cm tall with a sparsely branched stem.
The flower of the Yellow Iris is a bright yellow with up to 10cm broad petals with up to 6 petals.

The leaves of the Yellow Iris are typicaly stalkless and range from 50 – 90cm in length. The leaves are usually blade / sword shaped with greyish / green veins.

The Yellow Iris is most typicaly found in gently flowing river banks and shelterd bays, the best place for it to grow in any garden is at the edge of a water feature or a garden pond, especially if the soil around the water feature is rich.

The Yellow Iris is worth observing after it has flowered as it starts to do something strange, its leaves start to make a oval looking, elongated capsule fruit. The seed of the Yellow Iris is flat, therefore it floats well when it spreads the seeds if next to flowing water.


Height: Up to 90cm
Flowering Time: June to August
Preferred Conditions: The Yellow Iris likes to live in very wet soils and is often found near lakes and ponds but can also be seen in woods and fens if they are damp enough. Also can be used as an ornamental plant.

Yellow Iris - Iris pseudacorus