Oxlip – Primula elatior

Oxlip, also known as True Oxlip (Primula elatior), is part of the primrose family. It is easily identified by its hairy leafless stalk and pale yellow funnel shaped flower which ranges from 15 – 25mm wide.
Its leaves are often short, tapered or quite rounded tips and are usually hairy.

Oxlip is often one of the first flowers to begin blooming in the spring. The Oxlip flower is a common feral plant and can easily confused with Cowslip due to its green edged and tighter compared to the loose Cowslip, an its yellow flower. Another easily identifiable part of the flower is that the Oxlip leaf is often wider in the middle, where as Cowslip is widest at the base.

Height:  Up to 30cm
Flowering Time: April to May
Preferred Conditions: This plant is very specific in its requirements – chalky clay and areas that are annually waterlogged and found in specific woodland of oak ash maple and hazel, but can also be found in Yards, parks, banks but are also common as ornamental flowers.

Oxlip - Primula elatior