Lesser Teasel – Dipsacus pilosus

Lesser Teasel (Dipsacus pilosus) is sometimes known as Small Teasel, it prefers damp calcareous soils, typically around woodland edges and clearings but also along hedgerows. Flowers are small, globular shape made of white flowers with violet anthers and woolly spines.

This flower is on display from July to September.
The flowers of this plant are small (15 – 20 mm wide) and delicate, the flower itself has a funnel shaped appearance, with the stamens making the flower look like a tiny pincushion.

For this plant to reproduce, it requires its environment to be disturbed for germination to begin. It is often found amongst taller vegetation, the disturbance of the soil is key to the plant surviving in that environment.

Height: 60 -150cm
Flowering Time: July to August
Preferred Conditions: This wildflower likes to live in damp calcareous soils. This is most typically found at woodland edges and clearings, and can be found on the banks of streams.

Lesser Teasel - Dipsacus pilosus