Lesser Stitchwort – Stellaria graminea

Lesser Stitchwort (Stellaria graminea) is also know nas Grass-Like Starwort or Grassy Stitchwort and is a member of the pink family (Caryophyllaceae).
It can reach a height of 20 – 40 cm with a limp, ascending stem that is sparsely branched with a glossy stem.

The flower is typicaly white in colour and reaches around 7 – 12 mm in width. it produces 5 deeply lobed petals, which are typically 3.5 – 6 mm long.
The leaves are opposite on the stem and appear to be stalkless and spread sideways. The sharp tipped leaves are often bright green to a very weak blue / green colouring which are hairy at the base margin.

Lesser Stitchwort grows well in meadows and is easy to spot due to its abundantly flowered stems. Although it is a solitary flower it is only open for 3 days, with new flowers opening throughout the summer period until the beginning of September. Although the flower itself looks like it produces many petals, it in fact only produces 5 which are then split down until just before the base which makes it look more like 10 petals.

Height: 25 -60cm
Flowering Time: May to August
Preferred Conditions: Free draining soil or damp conditions with an acidic or neutral Ph. It is often found in meadows and woodland heaths.

Lesser Stitchwort - Stellaria graminea