Greater Burnet Saxifrage – Pimpinella major

Greater Burnet Saxifrage (Pimpinella major) is also known as Great Burnet Saxifrage or Hollowstem Burnet Saxifrage and is a member of the Carrot Family.

It can reach a height of 100 cm with the lower part of the stem being hollow and sometimes hairy arund the base. The flowers are often white / reddish in colour and less than 5 mm in width. Each flower has 5 petals which are nothed with an incurved point and 5 stamen. The leaves are alternate up the stem and each leaf is stalked with broadly elliptic leaflets with a tapering tip and slightly lobed.

Greater Burnet Saxifrage thrives in open surroundings which have been formed by agriculture, for example burned forests, pastures and meadows. This plant is much larger than its relative Burnet Saxifrage as the name suggests, the stem of this plant is square and deeply furrowed compared to the cylindrical stem of its relative.

Height: Up to 100cm
Flowering Time: July to Sept
Preferred Conditions: Prefers to grow in chalk or limestone soils but can be occasionally found in clay like ground. Can often be found on the roadsides and hedge banks.

Greater Burnet Saxifrage - Pimpinella major