Field Forget-Me-Not – Myosotis arvensis

Field Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis arvensis) is sometimes known as the Common Forget-me-not and is a member of the Borage Family. This plant can reach a height of 10 – 40 cm, the stem is erect and usually branched with hairs that grow upwards and lay flush to the stem.

The flower is typicaly 3 – 4 mm wide, it is funnel shaped with 5 lobes and It has hairs at the base of the flower. The flowers are often blue but cant also be lilac and pink in colour. The leaves are stalked and widely winged. The leaves often wither by the time the flowers arrive, the stemed leaves are alternate up teh stalk with both sides of the leaf being hairy in texture.

Fiel forget-me-not is a very flexible plant, the seeds can lay dormant in the soils for up to a 30 year period of time waiting until the conditions are perfect for growing. The flowers are pollinated by small flies and hymenopterans, but if needed, the plant can self pollinate to guarentee seed production. The plant spread the seeds by the whole calyx which is covered in hooked hairs which catches on clothing or animal hairs which then transports the seeds to a new location.

Field forget-me-not is often confused with early forget-me-not and strict forget-me-not but to identify the Field forget-me-not, it is easily identifiable by its fruit stalk. The fruit stalk of the Field forget-me-not is up to twice the length of the calyx and it is also larger is size.
When Field forget-me-not is not in flower, it is sometimes confused with Mouse -ear.

Height: 7 – 25cm
Flowering Time: April onwards
Preferred Conditions: Does well in the sun and well drained soil.

Field Forget me not - Myosotis arvensis