Fairy Flax – Linum catharticum

Fairy Flax (Linum catharticum) is sometimes known as Purging Flax and is a member of the Flax Family (Linaceae). Fairy Flax can reach a height between 30 – 60 cm on a delicate stem with nodding buds. The flowers reach a maximum of 1 cm in diameter and are white in colour and are 4 – 5 mm in length. There are 5 petals per flower and at the base of the petals there is a yellow spot at the base.

Fairy flax, during its first year, are usually unbranched, where as during the second year, it develops manoy more flowering stems. This plant is delicate and prefers to grow mainly in grasslandsm particularly those areas with chalky soil. The smal white flowers, with 5 petals, grow at the end of thin, wire like stems betwee May and September. These stems begin to droop when they are in bud.

Height: 30 – 60cm
Flowering Time: June to Sept
Preferred Conditions: Flourishes in neutral or mildly acidic soil.

Fairy Flax - Linum catharticum