Common Fleabane – Pulicaria dysenterica

Common Fleabane (Pulicaria dysenterica) is a member of the Daisy family and is native to Europe and Western Asia. This plant can reach a height of 100 cm, the leaves are alternately arranged up the stem. The yellow flowers have around 40 – 100 disc florets which are surrounded by 20 – 30 narrow, pistillate ray florets.

Common Fleabane’s common name is from its former use to drive away insects, it was also used to treat dysentery. Flowers are golden yellow colour and can reach around 3cm in diameter. The leaves are a grey / green colour, where as the upper leaves are wrinkled, and oval in shape.The flowers once they flower, do not last long, they often begin to flower around August and are beginning to die back around middle of September.

Height: 100cm
Flowering Time: Aug – Sept
Preferred Conditions: Damp conditions such as fens, water meadows, riversides, lakes amd ponds.

Common Fleabane - Pulicaria dysenterica