British Flora Annuals Wildflower Seed Mix – Bee Heaven!

The great thing about wildflowers is their amazing relationship to all kinds of pollinating insects. If you want to help  the bee population to thrive in your garden, sow some wildflower annuals for amazing colour and a dramatic effect. Sown in the autumn they will sit and get ready in the soil for the next summer season to take hold and when the sunny weather sets in, you will enjoy the benefits.

Liz Powell, British Flora ecologist and consultant with Ecohab, sowed some leftovers last autumn. She used British Flora Annuals Wildflower Seed Mix in her own garden and now has a wonderful habitat for native bees!

“I planted British Flora Annuals Wildflower Mix in my garden last autumn  – I had them left over from a green roof job  – and look at the stunning display. Gives me so much pleasure to see it covered in our native bumblebees!”

British Flora Annuals Wildflower Seed Mix

Wildflowers Standing Tall in Liz’s Garden

Images from the garden of Liz Powell – Ecohab Consultancy 

British Flora Annual Wildflower Seed Mix

British Flora Annuals Seed Mix in Full Bloom!






British native annuals only have our short summertime to show off their colourful blooms.

They have to compete hard to attract the attention from the bees and other pollinating insects. That’s what makes them stand out!


Thank you to Liz for kindly sending us her photographs  – so that we can all enjoy the display!

Anna Taylor  for British Flora