PlantingWetland Plants  – When to Plant or When Not to Plant – That is the Question!

While we are in a spell of reasonably mild winter weather the question is what can be planted safely at this time of year.

Whilst there are risks to planting in the winter months, wetland plants are possibly at more risk when planted in the main part of the UK summer – June to August  – because of the possibility of there being drought conditions and the resulting drying out of the plants, unless there is good irrigation.

There are risks to any planting. This time of year the risks are that the weather is very upredictable. There is also the consideration that the wetland plants which are available in our nursery are not looking at their best, so the planting won’t look presentable for quite a while!

Those that choose to plant out now, may get ahead of their planting schedules and as long as they are prepared to take the consequences  – if the plants should become victims to weather extremes -then the choice is theirs!