Tree Canes, Tree Supports and  Tree Spirals on Special Offer – ORDER NOW!

After the recent irregular warm spell,  the weather is now expected to get colder at the start of next week, so that should begin the tree planting cycle for most landscapers. Canes, supports  and tree spirals are available from Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd and we have dropped our prices to help to begin the process. For those that are not yet prepared, contact the sales office for more details.

The warm weather has limited the planting of bare root trees and shrubs. Most landscapers and grounds maintenance companies have been continuing with landscaping and mowing grass well into this month, as the soil temperatures have been above the norm for this time of year. Grass has continued to grow and trees have not yet become dormant in their growth cycle enough to allow successful bare root transplanting to take place. That is all set to change from next week.

If you would like to know more or if you have some tree planting that is about to start – let us quote you for your tree planting products.

Call or email for a quote.