Kirkby Brook, Valley Rd (191) Kirkby Brook, Valley Rd (274)Millar Landscapes Acknowledges Phoenix Amenity on Kirkby Brook Project for Knowsley Council


When Tony Millar of Millar Landscapes was given a project by Knowsley Council, he had to make some very important decisions. One of which was how he was going to procure the necessary products; the coir netting, pre-established coir rolls, rock rolls  and wildflower seed. Tony immediately turned to Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd for the expertise he had come to rely upon in working on erosion control. He had also come to expect a reliable service from Phoenix Amenity and as time was crucial in this project, partly because of ecological considerations – minimizing the disturbance of the natural fauna and wildlife –  reliability was an important factor in the decision making.

Tony commented:

“Phoenix Amenity was able to supply the full range of materials required for the project and their track record of providing high quality materials delivered on time where key factors in my choosing them as our preferred supplier on a project that was time critical.”

Kirkby Brook works involved diverting a 75 meter section of the brook to prevent further erosion to one of the banks which was cutting back towards a major highway. Millar Landscapes having a wide ranging experience gained from undertaking this kind of work before and from being appointed as framework contractors for the Environment Agency; soon stood out as the preferred company for the project.

The project started in October 2013 and took 3 weeks to complete. Planning approval for the works from the Environment Agency was acquired by Knowsley Council and Millar Landscapes obtained the necessary permit to undertake temporary works as part of the main project. This involved documenting risk elevation measures for undertakings including silt control and protection of existing ecology.

The key elements of the work involved at Kirkby Brook were:

    • Diversion of the watercourse
    • Protection of existing banks using rock rolls coir matting
    • Hydroseeding of sections of banking using a wildflower mix
    • Habitat creation on banks of diverted watercourse using pre-planted coir logs
    • Creation of a small wetland located in the previous route of the watercourse. This also acts as a flood elimination area during periods of high rainfall

The work was completed on time, with efficiency and great attention to detail, thanks to the project work carried out with precision by Millar landscapes and the prompt supply of key project materials by Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd.