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British Flora – Able to join forces with a Friends Of The Earth project – Now a focus of a visit from The Environment Minister on 3rd July

Recently it has been reported by South Bedfordshire’s Friends of the Earth that the help British Flora gave to the Leighton Buzzard Station Project meant that a new area of wildlife habitat creation is to be the object of a visit from the Environment Minister this year.

British Flora had experienced a bumpy ride over the past few years, increased competition and the last change of ownership some years ago, left the company susceptible.  Despite winning a contract to supply many of the plants for the Olympic Legacy Project, the company was unable to sustain itself during the height of the recession. During 2013, the future of British Flora, their 25 year established reputation and their world class products, was uncertain to go forward in any shape or form. Chris Baker MD of Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd decided to step in. Unable to keep the original company alive, Chris managed to maintain the brand name of British Flora keeping the same principles by which British Flora had made its’ name in the world of conservation and ecology.

Now M D of the new company, Chris Baker said:

British Flora is an established brand that has done so much towards the preservation of native wild flowers in the UK. To be able to preserve this brand is a tribute to the hard work and achievements of the company and the many ecological projects it has delivered.”

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