The Funeralcare Co-operative

Plan Bee Wildflower Meadow Creation

As part of the ambitious Plan Bee project (which aims to save the plight of honey bees and pollinators across the UK), the Funeralcare Co-operative Woodland Burial Sites have been awarded funding to create bee friendly wildflower corridors.

BritishFlora are managing the habitat creation of two wildflower meadows in Dorset of up to 6 acres and a 5 acre site in The Wirral. BritishFlora provided expert advice on soil testing, ground preparation and species selection to encourage maximum diversity for native bees and pollinators. annual meadow

Local agricultural contractors conducted the ground preparation including spraying, cultivating and harrowing to prepare the ground for seed sowing in September last year. Specialist plant species mixes have been designed for dry acid grassland and wet acid grassland sites using a local seed suppliers to ensure local provenance seed.

Planned monitoring visits in 2012 will provide us with important information on extent of wildflower establishment and the requirement for further management. We look forward to providing ongoing support to The Co-operative Woodland Burial Sites for restoring biodiversity and natural habitats to these special sites.