Coastal Grass Seed Mix, MixtureA recent article in IOG Newsletter July 2013 – discusses STRI and their investigation of the grass species Creeping Bent with regard to it’s usefulness on steep slopes such as motorway verges. Read more about the STRI trial below.

You can find 2% Creeping Bent in Phoenix Amenity Woodland and Heavy Shade Grass Seed Mix and 3% Creeping Bent in Phoenix Amenity Coastal Grass Seed Mix. 

A benefit of Creeping Bent, is it’s colonisation of areas where moisture and nutrients are deficient in the soil as is often the situation on steep slopes, in woodlands and in coastal areas. Another advantage of this particular grass seed species is tthe small size of it’s seed – therefore you only require a tiny percentage in the seed mix!


Keen to minimise the impact of any new construction, the Highways Agency is supporting research into reducing the amount of land used for verges. The Agency is funding research into the establishment of different grass species at a 45 deg angle. Road verges are usually at 25 deg and these consume a large area of land. By increasing the angle of the slope less space will be taken up by new constructions.

The trial will look at grass establishment, soil erosion and slippage at a 45 degree angle and is performed over four aspects – north, south, west and east to replicate the varying aspects of the road, with troughs at the bottom of each tray measuring erosion. Results to date show that creeping bent is performing particularly well.

The results of the trial may be used on the verges of the new section of the M1. The plants will be applied either by hydro seeding or turfing. STRI

IOG Newsletter July 2013

Ask about the the option to add Creeping Bent to Phoenix Amenity Reclamation Mix. The actual seed is very small so you only require a very tiny percentage in seed mixes. You can test the results for yourselves and view the benefits of this grass species in the seed mix.