Prince charles in wildflower meadows

Prince Charles in wildflower meadows

WIldflower Seed Mixes – News about Plantlife

Prince of Wales the patron of Plantlife is supporting the conservation of our wildflowers by declaring the Coronation Meadows Scheme. You can plant your own wildflower haven in your garden. Contact us for support or advice on growing grass and wildflower seed mixes!

Plantlife advises:

if you want to create a wildflower meadow in your garden, you just need an open, sunny space.

If you have an existing lawn, this could be a good starting point. Have a close look at it – it may already be home to wild flowers that mowing has prevented from flowering. The easiest thing to do is to allow the area you have allocated to grow one summer and see what comes up.

If you discover some attractive species that you would like to keep, simply weed out the more aggressive perennial weeds, such as nettles, and add wildflower plugs or seed.

For advice on growing your own wildflower meadow – you can call or contact us for advice on wildflower seed mixes and  wildflower plugs.

Here is a link to the article and a helpful guide to Growing Your Own Wildflower Meadow: