It was great to volunteer on the Plantlife stand!

Alison Craig – Membership Manager on the Plantlife Stand at the show.

Plantlife Exhibition Malvern Spring gardenin Show

Alison Craig  – Membership Manager  – gives her advice to some of the wild plant enthusiasts on the stand.

Alison was looking to enlist some new members. The eye-catching exhibit of wildflowers and wild plants was created by Andy Byfield – Plantlife’s founder. He gave lots of technical advice to the enquirers. It was amazing how many wild plant enthusiasts there were! I really relished talking to some of them and discussing our vanishing wild plants and the availability of wildflower seeds. Many of them were so well- informed and obviously follow what Plantlife does in the world of wild plant conservation.A great show and a pleasure to help out on the stand.

Plantlife state that 95% of wild plants have already been lost and we need to conserve as many wildflowers and wild plants as we can. Planting your own wildflower meadow is one way to create a haven for wildlife especially bees and birds and to ensure that wildflower meadows are not a thing of the past. Use native plants to your area where you can. Plantlife ask you not to introduce commercially grown seeds into the wild especially if they are non-native to the UK but you can use them in your garden. Plant perennials and add annuals each year for more colour. It may take a few years to create a natural looking habitat and a spectacular wildflower meadow display. There are some shortcuts you can take. Call or e-mail and ask for advice  if you are unsure about whether the plant is native and where it grows best. We will be happy to give you the advice.

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Andy Byfield writes about wild plants for the Guardian Gardening Section