Velvit Essential Autumn Fertiliser (8-4-16)

£38.16 inc VAT 20kg Bag

A carefully formulated, standard release turf fertiliser. The high potassium and low nitrogen content makes it perfect for Autumn use, giving your lawn a good boost to get it through the winter. Also suitable for low-nitrogen input regimes. The granules are nicely uniform at 2-3mm in size, blended to give an even spread when applied with a broadcast spreader. Best for grass cut at 10mm.

Perfect for getting professional results on larger areas, while still keeping costs low.

Available in 20kg bags.

Granular Size: 2-3mm
Application between March to September
Ideal for lawns, parks, and less technical turf applications. Suitable for grass cut to 10mm or above.

A high potassium, lower nitrogen fertiliser, ideal for Autumn applications or where a low N input regime is implemented.

Velvit Essential granular fertilisers are perfectly matched and uniform 2-3mm particles, blended together to give an even spinner throw distance. For use on larger areas cut above 10mm, where cost effective applications are required, whilst maintaining professional, high quality results.