Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer

Nemasys Vine Weebil Killer consists of the native parasite – entomopathogenic nematode “Steinernema Kraussei” . This nematode seeks out the vine weevile larvae while they are in the soil, the nematode then subsequently infects the larvae, which is a natural and safe way to control the vine weevil.


Product Description

This product needs to be kept refrigerated until it is used.

The nematodes are suitale to be used on edible crops and open ground where use of standard chemicals are not permitted.

Nemasys is able to control the present larvae and protect the area from further damage for up to 6 weeks.

Localised Spot Treatment Application:

  • Fill a clean bucket with clean water.
  • Take the nematodes out of the fridge and open the containers.
  • Tip the entire contents (minus the container) into the bucket and stir gently
  • Rinse the container out in the bucket to ensure you have mixed in all the nematodes.
  • Pour a proportion of the concentrated mix into a watering can and top up with fresh water.
  • Water on soil/lawn and then water in with hose/watering can.
  • Each pack treats 100 m2.


Broad Application Area:

  • Wash the feeder through with water to ensure it is clean.
  • Add entire contents of the pack to the bowl of the feeder. Then fill the bowl with water and stir to mix thoroughly. Attach the hose.
  • Taking care to keep the feeder in an upright position apply evenly to the whole of the area for 8 minutes using a side-to-side motion to keep the nematodes well mixed. During this time most of the nematodes will have been applied.
  • Treat the same area again for a further 8 minutes (or 16 minutes for lawn applications) to apply the remaining nematodes as well as to make sure they are adequately watered in. Applications to lawns require more water to ensure the nematodes are washed through the grass thatch.
  • Adhering strictly to the application timings will ensure that any remaining colour in the bowl will be due to inert carrier only and that you have performed an even application.
  • This method provides a simple and effective application, however, it is important to follow the instructions exactly to obtain even coverage.


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