Nemasys No Ants

Ant nematodes are native, naturally occurring microscopic worms which cause the ants to relocate their nests to a location that is away from the treated area.
Nematodes are placed directly into the nest using a watering can, and is ideal for nests in grass areas such as back lawns, cricket squares and planting borders.


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Product Description

No ants are killed with the use of Nemasys No Ants – it simply causes them to relocate their nest, there is no definite distance they well relocate to, this is dependent on many factors but is often far enough to solve the initial problem.

Nemasys No Ants is safe for use on turf or soil and is not associated with chemical use, therefore animals and people can use the area immediately after the treatment is applied.

How To Apply:

  • DO NOT order until the soil temperature is 10°C or above and that ants are present
  • Mix the contents of Nemasys No Ants with 5 Litres of water
  • Make sure to stir the mixture thoroughly to create the stock solution
  • Pour 500ml of the stock solution and add that to 4.5litres of water into a watering can
  • Pour the watering can over 5 nests or 5m²
  • Repeat the above steps for every 5 nests of every 5m² until all the stock solution is used.

Persistent Ant Nests:
If the ants return, reapply the ant nematodes every 4 weeks.