Cresco CR001 – Handheld Spreader

£31.80 inc VAT

The Cresco CR001 handheld spreader is ideal to spread your fertiliser or salt quickly and easily, while offering the benefit of an ergonomic handle.
This handheld spreader is adaptable for both use in summer and winter, with the hopper designed to conveniently scoop salt or fertiliser out of the bag.

An ideal handheld spreader for use around smaller spaces.

The handheld spreader is the perfect spreader for use in the winter to spead salt around entrances and doorways or be used through the summer for fertiliser and grass seeding in smaller areas. The Cresco 1 is a strong, sturdy unit that offers the benefit of an ergonomic handle and an inbuilt armrest.

Weight: 2kg
Fertiliser Capacity: 2.7kg (max)
Salt Capacity: 3.36kg (max)
Volume Capacity: 2.5 Litres (max)


  • Summer & Winter Use
  • Strong 2kg Hopper
  • 5 Apperture Settings
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ergonomic arm rest & handle

Earthway EV-N-Spread 2030 Broadcast Spreader 

The 2030 broadcast spreader boasts a wide range of commercial grade features that make it the number one choice for anybody who is looking for a large capacity spreader for both residential and estate applications. 

The 2030 spreader is made with a rust proof 65lb/30kg hopper capacity with 10 inch pneumatic tyres to ensure the longevity of the product as well as a smooth operation, with the 3-hole drop shut off system and the spreaders heavy duty gearbox will ensure that even application of all granular materials. 


Product Features: 

  • 36L Capacity 
  • EV-N-Spread 3 Hole Drop System 
  • 20cm Deep Lug Plastic Wheels
  • Side Spread Control 
  • Supplied Built up from Box 
  • Variable Shut off 
  • Can Hold Up To 40kg, Ideal for Home or Estate use 
  • No Assembly Required