Command Autumn Fertiliser with Seaweed & Zeolite

£50.70 inc VAT 20kg Bag

A standard release, specially formulated fertiliser, particularly useful as an autumn application with the inclusion of magnesium and iron, boosting plant health, leaf colour and winter hardiness.
The perfect low Nitrogen, high Potassium fertiliser for nutrient programmes that aim to minimise annual nitrogen applications. Formulated with seaweed and Zeolites to increase cation exchange capacity, provide trace elements and to stimulate the uptake of nutrients.

A standard release formula, manufactured to deliver nutrients evenly and consistently on the most demanding and valuable turf areas.

Available in 20kg bags
Application: March – October
Granular Size: 1-2mm
Ideal for greens, lawns and any close-cut turf. Ensures the highest coverage and uniformity. Effectively penetrates the sward. Suitable for grass cut above 3mm to 6mm for controlled release.