100% Common Poppy Seed – Papaver rhoeas

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100% Poppy Seed ready for Autumn or Spring Sowing

The poppy is a popular choice of flower by many. The poppy is often used as a symbol of both remembrance and hope and is most commonly recognised as an honor to those who served in the Armed Forces and lost their lives during conflict. Many people who would like to show their mark of respect for those who lost their lives serving their country choose to do so by sowing poppies.

Sowing Tips: Everyone has the opportunity to grow poppies in their area, although we would advise scattering as many seeds as possible to ensure a good show next year.

If you scatter the seeds in the autumn and possibly sow again the following spring for optimum results.

N.B: All seeds specified in this mixture are subject to availability at the time of purchase.

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