Yellow Rattle – Rhinanthus minor

Yellow Rattle, (Rhinanthus minor) sometimes known as Cockscomb or Little Yellow Rattle is a member of the Broomrape Family ( formerly known as the Figwort Family). Yellow Rattle is an annual herb and grows up to 40cm.
The Yellow Rattle flower is usually 13 – 15mm long with a dark yellow, straight tube. The plant is typically stalkless with narrow, shallow leaves, with a maximum of 10 paris of veins, and are brown / green in colour. Yellow rattle can be differentiated from its relative narrow-leaved rattle on the basis of its flowers.


Height: 20 – 50cm
Flowering Time: June to September
Preferred Conditions: This wild flower plant likes moderate to low fertile grassland and it will often be found in ares of lightly grazed and dry fens. The plant can also be found on road and field banks, meadows and pastures.

Yellow Rattle - Rhinanthus minor