Woolly Thistle – Cirsium eriophorum

The Woolly Thistle ( Cirsium eriophorum), is a more rare specise of the traditional well known thistle, that can often be found on chalk and limestone scrubland and grassland. Typically it likes to grow on undisturbed land but can sometimes be found in grounds such as quarries which have been disturbed.

Its cotton looking flower head is what makes this flower distinctive around the months of July to September, and is attractive to a wide variety of insects. It is easily identified by its woolly appearance but also its red / purple coloured flowers and the leaves being divided by spiny lobes.


Height: Up to 150cm
Flowering Time: July to September
Preferred Conditions: The Woolly Thistle loves to grow in limestone / chalky rich clay and is often found on dry ground in ungrazed land such as woodland and quarry sites.

Woolly Thistle -Cirsium eriophorum