Wild Mignonette – Reseda lutea

Wild Mignonette (Reseda lutea), is an unscented, clump forming, yellow flower that has pale yellow / green leaves with a wavy edge. This plant has a conical spike made up of these unscented flowers which are short lived. The spikes of this flower are an excellent source of pollen and nectar and therefore it attracts butterflies and bees.

This plant produces a large amount of seed which remain viable for a long time in the soil. Therefore the seed can lay dormant on the soil until it becomes disturbed. This may not happen for many years, yet when it does, this remarkable seed is ready to begin its growth, therefore it can just re-appear following many years of there being no plant at all.


Height: 15 – 30cm
Flowering Time: June onwards
Preferred Conditions: Favours well drained soils and can be found in quarries and wasteland areas, as well as road verges and embankments but is probably most at home on disturbed calcareous grasslands and fixed dunes.

Wild Mignonette - Reseda lutea