Weasel’s Snout – Misopates orontium

Weasel’s snout (Misopates orontium) also known as Lesser Snapdragon or Calf’s Snout.
It is named Lesser Snapdragon due to its similar shape, although it is half the side of the better known Snapdragon. Weasel’s Snout is a herbaceous annual plant, with its pink flowers that are followed by a green hairy fruit which is said to resenble the Weasel’s Snout which is where the name came from.

Weasel’s Snout is a narrow, plant with short, dark green shiny leaves, with bright purple flowers which are stalkless. Weasel’s snout likes to grow in light soils and is often found in open ground areas such as gardens, allotments and waste areas.

Height: 10 – 30cm
Flowering Time: March to September
Preferred Conditions: Prefers light soils and open ground, which means it can be found in gardens, but is most likely to be found in wastelands.

Weasel's snout - misopates orontium