Water Mint – Mentha aquatic

Water Mint (Mentha aquatic) is a herbaceous plant which can reach up to 90cm high. The stem of this plant is either green or purple in colour, but can vary from hairless to hairy, with a square stem. The leaves range from 2 to 6cm in length and 1 to 4cm in width, and again can either be green or purple in colour. The leaves often appear oppostite on the stem and have toothed ends and again vary from hairy to hairless.

The flowers of the Water Mint are tiny and often look crowded, they produce a pink to lilac colour and are tubular in shape. This plant is pollinated by insects and are also spread underground like other species of mint. As with the more common mint, the Water Mint has the distinct Mint smell on all parts of the plant.

As the name suggests, water mint is mainly found in shallow margins of steams, rivers, ponds, canals, wet meadwos, marshes and fens. It is not always found on the bank of water it can also grow in the water itself. It it generally found on mildly acidic to calcareous soils, sometimes it is found on soft limestone, mineral or peaty soils. Therefore this plant is ideal for wildlife ponds and bog gardens. The leaves of Water Mint can be used in cooking just the same as other mints.



Height: up to 90cm
Flowering Time: July to September
Preferred Conditions: This plant prefers to grow in wet ground, it can be found in marshes and other waterlogged areas, like ponds, streams and lakes.

Water Mint - Mentha aquatic