Water Figwort – Scrophularia auriculata

Water Figwort (Scrophularia auriculata) is commonly found near river banks, ponds, damp meadows and wet woodlands, but can occasionally be found in drier places. The Water Figwort has a square and pointed stem that is a red colour with toothed leaves that are evergreeen. The Water Figwort produces a maroon coloured flower, which helps to provide nectar for bumblebees and are pollinated by the Common Wasp. This colour is what helps to identify Water Figwort to other Figworts as the colour has a brighter maroon colouring. As well as this, the winged stem of the plant, is another indicator that helps to distinguish it from the other species.

Water Figwort can often grow up to, and sometimes taller than 1m high but typicaly grows to roughly 70cm. This plant typically grows between June and September, but requires perminantly damp soil to thrive.

Height: Up to 70cm
Flowering Time: June to September
Preferred Conditions: Water Figwort requires soils that are perminantly damp and therefore it is often found at the sides of rivers, streams and on the edge of wet woodland.

Water Figwort - Scrophularia auriculata