Upright Hedge Parsley – Torilis japonica

Upright Hedge Parsley ( Torilis japonica) is a member of the carrot family (Apiaceae). There are three species of Apiaceae that are commonly found in Britain which look similar and these are Cow parsley and Rough chervil.
Although these three all look similar, the last to flower is the Upright Hedge Parsley, it also has a more grey appearance compared to the white flowers of the other species as wel as the stiffest stem and grey looking foliage.

When the seeds begin to develop, which is from september onwards, they appear in a purple / brown colour and are covered in hooks to help in seed distribution. These seeds stick to passing animals fur by the litle hooks and this is how they spread. The flowers, when they open, attract a large range of pollinating insects such as small beetles and hoverflies.


Upright Hedge Parsley is a tall plant that can reach up to 1.5m heigh. the stem is stiff and has downward pointing hairs. The stem usually has 1 to 3 leaves on the stalk, theaw leaves are hairy similar to that of the stalk itself. The flowers are usually white to slightly pink or can even be pink – purple. They are 2 to 3mm wide, although the petals are often unequal in size, with the outer petas being longer than the inner petals.

Height: 50 – 120cm
Flowering Time: July to September
Preferred Conditions: This plant likes dry and neutral soil which will be found in woodland and hedgerows.

Upright hedge parsley - Torilis japonicaUpright hedge parsley - Torilis japonica leaf