Tips for Looking After Your Lawn and Creating a New Lawn

  • Great tips for looking after your lawn – Everything you need to know about lawn care, cultivating a good lawn, looking after a grassed area including fertiliser treatments, mowing and watering instruction – Go to: 
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The following gives an outline of the advantages to sowing a lawn rather than laying turf. If you are starting a new lawn from scratch you will need to know about how to prepare the ground before sowing. We also give advice as to which of Phoenix Amenity Supplies seed mixtures will best suit the area to be grassed. For advice on when to sow, mow and water the grass to encourage the lawn to develop – Go to:

For an established lawn or once you have created a lawn or grass area you may need to be able to Identify problems in your lawn, grassed area. If there are patchy or problem areas in your lawn, we give advice on what to do about them by finding the right care regimes or treatments to use to repair your lawn. For advice look at: