Sneezewort – Achillea ptarmica

Sneezewort (Achillea ptarmica) is also know nas Sneezeweed Yarrow, Bastard Pellitory, Wild Pellitory, Fair made of France, Goose Tongue or White Tansy. Sneezewort is a member of the Daisy family and can reach a height of 60cm. The flower is often a single flower that typically produces 10 – 14 white, tongue like petals.
The leaves alternante up the stem but are stalkless, with the top of the leaf being shiny and a bright green colour, the underside is sparsely covered in long straight hairs. The stem is slightly hairy and the plant dies back in the winter.

The roots of this plant were often used to make sneezing powder for practical jokes rather than for medical reasons. There is also an ornamental version of this plant, which is more desirable than the wild form of Sneezewort.

Height: Up to 60cm
Flowering Time: July to September
Preferred Conditions: This wildflower prefers to grow in wet and slight acidic soil. It can be found in water meadows and stream banks.

Sneezewort- Achillea ptarmica