Selfheal – Frunella vulgaris

Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris) often has a square stem that is slightly maroon in colour and can reach up to 30cm in height but typically grows to around 3 – 20cm. The leaves are narrow and oval shaped with entire edges being toothed, they are often bright green in colour. The flowers are typicaly purple / blue, but in rare occasions they can sometimes be pink / white, with the flowers appearing at the top of the stem from late spring until the autumn.

Although Selfheal is a short plant and can often be overwhelmed by the taller foliage, it can survive , this is due to its moderate tolerance to shade, however it can be lost in tall vegitation if this is not maintained at the end of the seasn to allow this plant to survive. Therefore this plant is much better suited to growing in short lawns / pastures. It is a particularly attractive plant to bees and wasps.
Selfheal loves to grow in lawns, but it often sticks close to the ground as to avoid even the closest mowing, with flowers often appearing as low as 3cm high with flower spikes to ensure survival. It is spread by seeds from the flowers which often happen around June to November. These flowers are loved by butterflies and bees but however is classed as an aggressive weed in lawns and can quickly establish itself.

Height: Up to 20cm
Flowering Time: June onwards
Preferred Conditions: Grasslands are this plants preferd growing location, as it prefers to grow in moderately fertile, yet neutral, calcareous soil. Although it likes to grow in grassland areas, it can also be found on roadsides, woodland clearings and meadows.

Selfheal - Prunella vulgaris